Sprint Retrospective 6

The final stretch. As we wind down and tie up lose ends we look back on what we did during this Sprint. This Sprint was exactly that though the end of it all and the cleaning up of lose ends. We spent most of the time working on CSS items, and finalizing what we had... Continue Reading →

Apprenticeship Patterns: Learn How To Fail

You can’t be a good winner if you have never lost. That’s where this pattern aims to address, learn how to fail is exactly that. About learning how to fail and taking that opportunity as a learning platform to grow from. Failure especially in coding is bound to happen, and the lead up to that... Continue Reading →

Apprenticeship Pattern: Rubbing Elbows

At some point in your career you will approach a plateau. How you deal with it and get past it is a real challenge and something that many programmers will reach in their careers.The problem that Rubbing Elbows presents is "Your productivity has reached a plateau, your learning is stagnating, and you have the feeling... Continue Reading →

Sprint 5 Retrospective

This sprint started with a lot of frustration but ended with some relief. At the start of our sprint we decided to refocus on a component instead of working on the backend. This included almost restarting everything and researching whole new topics that need to be used. With research what we discovered is that the... Continue Reading →

Sprint Retrospective 4

Team Tapmah had a rough go of it this sprint. We started the sprint very optimistic that we would be able to get a few services mocked using nock and working. However as we worked on the project we soon started to develop a sense of confusion and concern. We took the time to trace... Continue Reading →

Sprint 3 Retrospective

At the beginning of the third sprint we had some direction on what we were going to do finally. Of all the components we looked at we began to find the most interest in the bottom navigation bar. Our plan was to look at what might be needed to accomplish this component, and what direction... Continue Reading →

Sprint 2 Retrospective

In Sprint 2 we didn’t exactly have tasks to work on or complete. The issue with this is we didn’t really know where to focus our attention. A lot of our spare time was researching testing, and making sure everyone’s servers were working. Once we had the servers working we had no additional reasons to... Continue Reading →

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