Sprint 2 Retrospective

In Sprint 2 we didn’t exactly have tasks to work on or complete. The issue with this is we didn’t really know where to focus our attention. A lot of our spare time was researching testing, and making sure everyone’s servers were working. Once we had the servers working we had no additional reasons to meet for the time being. The one thing that we worked more on was team chemistry, and working with each other outside of the school environment. We found ways to communicate and decide when we didn’t want to meet when not needed.

The two tools related to angular that will be used for testing are Karma, and Protractor. Karma is more of a simple junit test where protractor is more of an end to end testing. These will be the major tools and practices used to test in angular. There are many tutorials that we have looked into and available if we do not fully understand. After discussing with the other groups the common consensus is that these are the tools to use so if additional help is needed there are a lot of students to ask as well.

Since we didn’t work on much I will talk about the work we plan to do now, and what we want to work on in the future. For us we want to work on the bottom navigation tool, or the server. The bottom navigation tool seems more along the line of design and coding which is an interest of me and the group. If we decide to go with the server then that will be a challenge that none of us had worked on before and would certainly prove to be difficult.

In conclusion most of our sprint was spent continuing research and preparing for the next steps.


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