Sprint 5 Retrospective

This sprint started with a lot of frustration but ended with some relief. At the start of our sprint we decided to refocus on a component instead of working on the backend. This included almost restarting everything and researching whole new topics that need to be used. With research what we discovered is that the Angular Material Design that all the other groups were using was very easy to implement, and could be used as an API to quickly implement the components. However a bump in the road occurred when we found out that the API did not have a bottom navigation bar component implemented yet. From here we had to locate and find an API that we could implement that had the similar style and feel of the angular design. What we came across is Infragistics ignite UI that was exactly what we were looking for. They had a bottom navigation bar that also has the icon images that we needed.

From here we had to start to learn the ins and out of the APIs luckily the Infragistics website has some good tutorials on how to implement the code. So with the help of their website and some troubleshooting we were able to get a working bottom navigation bar to load with the component. Overall this created a very clean and sleak bottom navigation bar to be used. The next step for us is matching the style given on Zeppelin and then testing for bugs. What we have now is a shell to improve on and as we start to work on it more we should have something we are proud of.

Some of the things that held us back during the sprint was the initial hump at the start of getting over the frustration of having to switch focus. Our team was able to refocus and come up with a plan and goals to complete in order to work on trouble shooting and styling in class. Even though it feels as if we just started the project after restarting it is starting to feel like we are getting progress and have something to show. Our spirits are higher than ever as we move onto the next sprint. Its time to finish strong during this final sprint.

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