Sprint Retrospective 4

Team Tapmah had a rough go of it this sprint. We started the sprint very optimistic that we would be able to get a few services mocked using nock and working. However as we worked on the project we soon started to develop a sense of confusion and concern. We took the time to trace where the functions of the services were being sent, and found that it was URL after URL. This was confusing to use because we were unable to think about the direction that our code had to work. We were unsure of how the other group’s components would interact with out mocked server. This was our wall and we hit it hard. Our running understanding would be that the components will make a request to a URL that our server should mock, and when that request is made it should return hard coded values back to the program. When looking into the implementation of this we decided the way to achieve this would be to check what URL was entered, and based on which URL that was called we could return the value. Now the concern of this method would be how when a function is called would we know which URL is being called. We need to make sure the component is being use that way so that we can make sure that when the mock server is cut out and the Ampath server is put back into play that we would have no errors. The process so far has been enlightening to me about working with a large team and development of something new. The challenges are a test to me and the way we get through them is the way to progress my apprenticeship. These concerns and the wall that is blocking our progress are frustrating to say the least but we need to refocus and find a way to continue.

This brings us to the next sprint and what we will need to change in order to make the most progress possible. Over all the server idea is at a standstill until we can create a work around and figure out the correct path. Our thought is that if we develop a component our self we may be able to figure out the way that the server calls and uses those pieces. Our next focus will be on developing a component so we can try and work past the wall that is blocking us. After the sprint planning we will begin working on the bottom navigation bar hopefully so that we are able to progress with the server or the component.

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