Apprenticeship Pattern: Rubbing Elbows

At some point in your career you will approach a plateau. How you deal with it and get past it is a real challenge and something that many programmers will reach in their careers.The problem that Rubbing Elbows presents is “Your productivity has reached a plateau, your learning is stagnating, and you have the feeling that there are superior techniques and approaches to the craft that are eluding you.’You come to a point that you think you know everything basic and you simply need to learn the next most advanced step.The problem with this is that you might be holding yourself back from learning with this mindset.

The solution to this problem is to actually sit with another person writing code, and work on something together. “Rubbing Elbows” and butting heads about design methods. From the debate and discussion of another persons techniques you can learn or pick up some better habits or improve theirs. This act is called Pair Programming which is an excellent training technique where it might fall short is the complexity of the activity. Whats important in this is to maintain a pace that you can learn and understand from. Switching between many people is vital to additional success. Additionally it is important to remain engaged and attentive when learning and working with someone else.

I personally like the idea of this pattern I have not been in a situation where I can sit next to someone and watch and learn from their coding. Often anyone I work with is at a similar level as I am with coding. I believe this would be an effective strategy to enhance my path to becoming a master. What excited me is the idea that I may have a chance to work on something like this in a career setting, and hope that Ill be able to implement and make this pattern work.


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