Apprenticeship Pattern: Expose Your Ignorance

This pattern I chose was something that jumped off the page at me. IGNORANCE was the word that captured my attention, but what kept me reading was how interesting the pattern is. Exposing your ignorance means owning up or confronting the area of your jobs that you might not be good at. It take a certain level of humbleness to be able to actually to use this pattern correctly. What you have to identify is the problem in yourself, and then make sure your employer and coworkers are aware so that you have a chance to learn.

I think most people are concerned about their first jobs in the industry.  Will they be able to handle the tasks assigned to them, are they expected to know everything, and what happens when they mess up. What I begin to think about was the pattern Breakable toys, and practice practice practice. Looking for a work place that allows you space to learn and grow as an apprentice is important. Along with that what is needed is for you to be straight forward about your lack of skill in certain areas. If you don’t expose your ignorance when you push poor code you ignorance will show anyways. What you then rob yourself of is a place where you can be corrected because you need to keep up your persona of knowing what you are doing. If a coworker could have known that it wasn’t your strong point and helped you out the first time you may have submitted better code the first time, and been more efficient. What’s more important though is that if you exposed your ignorance there was a change you would have learned something and been less ignorant about it. This is a vital step in becoming a master of the craft and you need to be able to admit what is wrong to make it right.

This pattern certain is something that resonates with me because I do have a fear that I will have to know everything from the start of a career, but seeing something like this gives me hope that I’ll still be able to find a place to grow. What I have taken from this is that it’s important to not put up a front and make people think you are better then you are. Expose your ignorance and push to learn more and better your craft.

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