Apprentice Pattern: Expand Your Bandwidth

I work for a cable company that provides internet and a hot topic is always internet. People always accuse us of throttling or limiting their bandwidth. The issue that would result in is would be slower access to the internet. The word bandwidth being a trigger word I picked it out of the list of patterns. For the Expand your Bandwidth pattern it talks about increasing the input of information that you are taking in. As an apprentice your level of resources coming in is generally very small. Where you focus on small fine details and try and work on them, but what expanding your bandwidth comes in is trying to get you to increase the amount of resources you have coming in to increase your learning.

One of the mentioned ways to get the information is to have some sort of subscription service that puts the information to one place. This could be your replacement for mindlessly scrolling facebook or other Medias. You could be learning new skills instead of messing around. The interesting idea proposed about this pattern is trying to answer other people’s questions online. This is a form of learning things that are not what you are working on and expanding your bandwidth. This is the major aspect of this pattern that I might implement.

Like your internet speed increasing your bandwidth is very important to your mastery of coding. The more information you have coming in the more simple information you may be able to retain. The problem with this is you could bring in too much information and not be able to focus enough to learn them. This pattern although by name sounds as if it would help you I think it might slow down your progress because you might not be able to retain it. Therefore I do not think it is an effective strategy


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