Santa Uses Java?   Since Christmas was just past I was wondering how Santa could handle so much data so quickly. This blog post seems to suggest that through the use of Java and Speedment is how he accesses this database of children and presents. Speedment is a software tool for enterprises that run Java applications and... Continue Reading →


Lights Camera Action – Model View Controller   A lot of the focus on the end of the year is around the Model View Controller pattern. Our projects have been based on it as well so it is something that we put a lot of focus on. While studying for exams I like to find relations in things that help me... Continue Reading →


                 What is a Rest API? Well first lets discus what an API is. Application Programming Interface, API, enables to applications to communicate with each other. The example given in the blog post is when you visit a webpage your browser sends a request to the server where... Continue Reading →


Well Halloween has come and gone and you know what holiday is next.  Thanksgiving that’s right and you need to decorate quickly before it is time to switch to Christmas decorations! Well if you had to do something similar in the coding world you would use the Decorator design pattern. The decorator design pattern is... Continue Reading →

Stick to the Plan Stan

               Coding is at its very core an art piece. If we think of coding as a work of art why is it that some people expect to sit down and code a “master piece” in one sitting without thinking about what they want to code. True art take... Continue Reading →

Custom Library Making Life Too Easy?

Post Referenced: This particular post is in reference to the java library Project Lombok, and can be downloaded here completely free. The tool can also be supported by donations and directly through their patreon page Billy Yarosh describes Lombok as “a java library meant to simplify the development of Java code writing. ... Continue Reading →

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