Sprint Retrospective 6

The final stretch. As we wind down and tie up lose ends we look back on what we did during this Sprint. This Sprint was exactly that though the end of it all and the cleaning up of lose ends. We spent most of the time working on CSS items, and finalizing what we had created. Additionally working on the merging of our component to the master branch to combine with other components. When merging we ran into some compatibility issues. One of the more major ones was that our local branch angular was about four versions behind that of the other groups so we first had to upgrade our branch which didn’t cause issues with our written code luckily. From there is was a lot of formatting issues that needed to be fixed in the JSON file due to the different groups having different dependencies, and we needed to make sure all were included.

Another issue we ran into is the initial “fix” we had broke my local branch and I had to do a lot of shifting and git maneuvers in order to get back to something working and be able to work again with our code. Looking back on this class and project I think it gave us valuable experience working with other teams and their code. In the future if there was even more forced communications between groups that would have been even more beneficial as it would be a mock work zone experience. I think that it was fun working with people that I hadn’t really worked with before and it was a challenge to get started.


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