Apprenticeship Patterns: Learn How To Fail

You can’t be a good winner if you have never lost. That’s where this pattern aims to address, learn how to fail is exactly that. About learning how to fail and taking that opportunity as a learning platform to grow from. Failure especially in coding is bound to happen, and the lead up to that point is the part you need to reflect on and improve from. The pattern talks about people who have never failed or don’t push them self to fail are also never pushing their limits. They haven’t quite challenged themselves enough to gain any value from the experience. Here is the problem listed by the pattern: “Your learning skills have enhanced your successes, but your failures and weaknesses remain.” Since you didn’t challenge yourself and make an attempt then you are stuck in the same situation as before not making any progress in your apprenticeship.


What learning to fail is about is not self-pity and being down on yourself, but rather learning realistic limitations that you need to work on. So that next time you know not to cross that line without help from others or more time. The pattern focuses on assessing yourself and figuring out your problems a suggestion is made to write tests without an IDE to correct you then go over it after. I like this idea and will try it myself soon. Personally I am not afraid to fail and usually learn more from failing then I do from successful tasks so this pattern is something that I agree with and one I plan to think of more in the future.


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