Apprenticeship Pattern – Sustainable Motivations


The pattern I chose this week I thought was interesting from the name. The name is what initially made me want to check out the pattern ‘Sustainable Motivations”. As it would turn out this pattern really resonated with me. Sustainable motivations talks about how you can develop you skills less effectively if you are not motivated to do so. Customers’ demands and needs will be forever changing, and frustratingly you expectations and programs will also be expected to dynamically change. When you are forced to work on projects that no longer interest you this is when you lose you motivation, and this pattern states that you need to find a sustainable motivation to push you into furthering you skills. You need to remain motivated even when faced with harsh difficulties.

When you find something that motivates you this is what you are meant to channel and focus on to push you to the completion of your goals for the customer. Although it can be hard you need to find that motivation and push through, because if you don’t find that additional motivation then there is a real chance that you end up not completing projects, or giving up on them. One particular section hit pretty hard, “Jerry Weinberg describes this phenomenon as the Golden Lock: “I’d like to learn something new, but what I already know pays too well.” The risk of the Golden Lock highlights the importance of aligning your motivations with The Long Road, which requires the ambition to achieve mastery.” The reason that this section spoke with me was because it talks about the motivation being more than just money, or a ‘Golden Lock’. Then this is followed by the example of Obie Fernandez that was a great Java programmer that challenged himself to learn Ruby, and Rails which eventually got him through the golden lock and lead him further in his career then he would have been at. Obie had the motivation to get through what he had to do and push himself to the next level.

Overall this pattern motivates me because it shows that programming should be thought of an art, and not just a way to make quick cash (Which it sure can be). I like to adopt the thought that the harder that I work the better my art will be, and having Sustainable motivation to get me through the tough times and push for more is important. I don’t want to get stuck at a golden lock because I am making good money but rather push and find my true mastery. I think it’s important to have motivation beyond just money personally it’s a sense of pride in what I do. I also feel motivated to get something working because I love that feeling of your code compiling and working. It’s something that keeps me motivated beyond just the future money, and jobs. For those reasons Sustainable motivation is important.


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