Sprint Retrospective – Sprint 1

Well a not so wonderful start to my Ampath adventure and I think that is putting it lightly. My first experience was filled with errors, problems, and set backs. However what was important in this time of stress was to remain calm and not let me mental dwindle. I was consistently frustrated first trying to repair a Windows 64 bit not supported error, to a Node error, to a python error, and finally a memory allocation error. Were it not for the help of my classmates, and the internet I am not sure I could have sanely continued this endeavor. Once that was sorted out I was able to finally check off the Trello board, and help my group mates. As of the end of the sprint three out of five of our group members are fully up and running. We have all forked the files to a shared repository, and cloned them to our local computers.

After getting through the initial frustrations I was excited to get working on the project. At this time we do not have any additional objectives other then researching testing in angular. Once we get some additional goals we will begin to work on this in a Scrum environment. I have not worked in one before and given its importance in the industry I am interested in the way it works. I believe that the Scrum setting is vital to my success.

Overall even though we have not done too much the I have a promising group and look forward to working with them and on this project. If we could start over I would hope that we could have a working program from the start.


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