Baby Programmers – “Individual Apprenticeship Patterns” Breakable Toys

There is a reason that parents wait to buy their children the newest iPhone, or the most expensive toys when they are younger. The reason is they wouldn’t want their children to break those items that they have spent so much money on. This analogy is sort of like new coders and projects, and more specifically the breakable tops Apprenticeship Patterns. When I saw this pattern I laughed and though of a little baby programmer creating projects. Turns out that the pattern is rather similar to the analogy that I stated earlier. The patterns discusses creating projects without hard deadlines sort of something that is very low pressure and low reward. In terms of fitting this into the apprenticeship pattern I think about an apprentice blacksmith melting down the same dagger and reforming a dagger over and over again. Something not intended to be sold or used as a product but rather something to hone the apprentice’s skills. A breakable toy is something that you can break and not be upset about and it allows you to develop software to increase your knowledge and abilities without stress.

Although I don’t believe that reading this apprentice pattern made me change the way I develop future problem I think it did reassume me. It reassured me that I need to create projects for myself to complete so that I can learn more. A project that I can have fun building, but don’t need to stress about the fine details. The no pressure feel of breakable toys stops the developer from getting any anxiety on the project and just allowing for fun and learning. I believe that this is important to the apprentice as it is a vital step in the advancement of that person. That being said I can’t disagree with this pattern I believe it is a simple and effective strategy to better ones self and something I would like to implement more often in my own journey.


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