Lights Camera Action – Model View Controller


A lot of the focus on the end of the year is around the Model View Controller pattern. Our projects have been based on it as well so it is something that we put a lot of focus on. While studying for exams I like to find relations in things that help me to remember them. I thought that the Model View Controller reminded me of a movie production. All the little pieces fitting into their spots so that the whole thing works flawlessly.

MVC, Model View Controller is like the director hierarchy of a coding project. View is similar to the camera being used in a film. It doesn’t know about the controller except for providing methods for the user to use the information. View is used to display all the information that the user needs to see. Basically a more front end version of the code. Where the controller is like the director. When the cameras are rolling the director commands what to do next. Similar to the controller which activates when the view model has a user. It also contains all the relative information to control the operation and make everything run smoothly. Finally Model which is like the set, and actors of a movie. Overall the model contains all the information that is needed for the production or program. Inside of the model is the constructor and the methods needed to be called upon. The article listed also explains the structure in simple terms: “The idea is to separate the user interface (the Presentation in the previous example) into a View (creates the display, calling the Model as necessary to get information), and Controller (responds to user requests, interacting with both the View and Controller as necessary).”


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